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Renewable & On-Site Energy Services

Miller Bros has been active for more than five years in renewable energy projects. That experience, coupled by our unmatched capabilities and resources as one of the nation's largest specialized contractors allows us to respond to the unique challenges of this rapidly evolving market. With over $50 million in bonding capacity, Miller Bros delivers utility scale renewable energy and on-site commercial, industrial and utility scale energy (Cogen, CHP, Fuel Cells, etc.)

The Miller Bros team includes an comprehensive group of procurement, engineering, construction and project management as well as business and financial strategists with extensive renewable and on-site energy experience. The accumulation of these diverse experts into a cohesive team enables us to deliver the most economic renewable energy and /or on-site energy system.

Miller Bros executes utility scale high and medium voltage, substation and transmission work in addition to renewable and on-site energy electrical construction. With endorsements from large project owners, our proven model including: project expertise, full construction capabilities, 15+ years of audited financial statements, 160+ pieces of heavy equipment, confirms us as one of few electrical contractors that can simultaneously self-perform multiple utility scale renewable and /or on-site energy projects and O&M.

Miller Bros completed the largest US roof top system in 2010, a 5.3 MW thin film array.

Recently, we were awarded the largest contract (11 MW) by the State of NJ, to install PV on 22 NJ highways interchanges.

Last year completed a multi MW single axis tracker ground array.

Projects under construction include several 3 MW projects in Massachusetts, 7 Megawatts of projects in New Jersey and 6 Megawatts of projects in North Carolina.

Miller Bros has executed utility scale renewable and on-site energy projects for: gas and electric utility companies, municipalities and other government entities, international EPC, multinational equipment suppliers and oil & gas companies in addition to privately financed projects.

Miller Bros offers services including:

  • Full EPC Services for commercial and utility-scale solar photovoltaic and cogeneration (CHP) projects
  • Engineering Services - production modeling, technology selection and system optimization support
  • Substation design and installation, transmission and grid interconnection
  • Supply chain management and logistics
  • Project Development, Feasability and Analysis
  • Operation & Maintenance Services

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